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Belong to the Mothers Involved Against Gun Violence group. It’s a support group that offers comfort and hope for mothers suffering with the sudden loss of their child due to gun violence. We grieve together.  We receive strength together. And we unify in our actions to help prevent the reoccurrence of gun violence in our community. 

Too many of our children have been taken away by senseless violent crimes. When a child becomes a victim of gun violence, the entire city is affected. Know that you are not alone. We all feel pain and frustration as a result of it. In order to stop gun violence, we must start now joining together in the fight to save our children’s lives.  


We offer:

  • 24/7 Mother-to-Mother Support
  • Weekly Support Group Meetings
  • Trauma Recovery Resources
  • Coping Skills through Hand Crafts



Join the Mothers Involved Against Gun Violence Group on Facebook.